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Let me start with an apology… my power was out for a week and a half due to not being able to afford to pay the gigantic energy bill accumulated from this winter. That is why I was unable to post last week, BUT here I am. Power restored and feeling really good about being able to take care of it on my own. Most kids/young adults learn at a much younger age how to take care of that crap, but I have lived my life being “rescued” by either my ex-husband’s grandmother (past) and my family. So I made the choice this time to just suffer and learn my lesson. Let me tell you, that bill is a top priority now and I can say that a week of no power really sucked. Taught me a valuable lesson about appreciating power and making sure to spend wisely as well as remembering that bills are top of the list in the order of money spent, lol. Moving on… where were we before I was rudely cut off from “reality”? Ah yes, the sunroom.

Let me start by saying, DEAR GOD what a mess. My sunroom had definitely become a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff from empty bags of dog food and garbage bags heading out to the trash cans to birthday gifts and lawn/yard care equipment. What a mess. To start… embarrassing yes, but I promised… the “before” pictures.

There two photos are of the (if coming from outside into the house) right side of the sunroom. WHAT A HOT MESS. Let’s see if you can play “I spy” with me… no lets not. Anyway, as you can see my entire family was using this room to “clean the car” lol. Movies that we wanted to get rid of in the corner there, birthday gifts from my birthday, and the empty bags of dog food. Yuck, needless-to-say I was grossed out with myself when I started the process of cleaning this room.


Next is the Left side… not much better. Let’s see, empty diet soda boxes (yes those are all mine… 😛 addicted to soda much Destiny?) the ironing board had become a dumping ground for “trash or junk” mail. MESSY!!! And of course the ever present garbage bags that needed to go out to the cans outside (pretty much every week they make their way here by my husband but it’s like…hey babe the cans are outside…please go forth and remove them from the house? You know like you started to do but then got distracted by something else.) So along with making changes to this room a new rule went into affect… TRASH goes OUTSIDE to the cans (period)!


Where do you begin when the entire room is just JUNKED UP? Let’s think back to the rules of cleaning up a disaster room… 4X4 space, don’t handle it more than once, and don’t stop. So I started with the garbage, I actually used the empty dog food bags for trash bags (RECYCLE!!). I started on the left side because it is the smaller side of the room. What you can’t see well is the floor… let me fix that


Ninja was photo bombing (my cat). So what are you looking at? When we bought the house the front door was rotted out at the top and the bottom. The bottom was warped out and had a giant hole. (HEY, a spot that contributed to my giant energy bill… grrr*) The top also had a hole, but the biggest issue outside of leaking bought air was the hole at the bottom also allowed for rain to come into the sunroom. The carpet in the picture is really gross because it got wet and then dried #repeatprocess (lol). So my husband being super awesome decided to pull up the carpet because it smelled like mildew. He left the piece in front of the door to continue to soak up water that got in because of the hole. In the second picture there you can see what the floor underneath looks like. One word YUCK! The carpet was glued down and most of the glue didn’t come up with the carpet leaving a slightly sticky surface in a lot of places. Where the glue did come up, I can tell they had painted the concrete at some point and then you can also see the concrete. The part that is really bothersome is the slightly sticky surface. See the cat? Yeah, he has a lot of hair, so does my dog, and the tree that hangs right over the entrance is a PINE tree or Evergreen (whatever lol). So that sticky surface has hair and pine needles stuck in it. EWWW!!

Back to cleaning. After all the garbage was gone, I started on the things that shouldn’t be in the sunroom ever. So all the birthday gifts, some cookware Justin’s mom gave us, toilet paper (stockpile lol), etc. When I was done with some of that I took a few “during” pictures.


Everything on the ironing board went into the bathroom and the gas tank and fluid went out to the garden shed in the backyard. The board and iron went to the basement/laundry room. I swept the floor as best as I could with the sticky glue residue and moved to the other side of the room.


I’m unsure of when Justin decided to make the sunroom his gardening shed because he’s got one in the backyard but I moved all of his equipment to the correct shed outside (weed whacker, rake… a hose really? lol). The computer tower went to the garbage (OLD! OLD! OLD! In the words of a friend “It’s a dinosaur”), the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are being sold, the movies went to half price bookstore, and the dog food and bowl migrated to the garage. The only things I was ok with leaving out in the sunroom were the stroller and that flower light because that is actually going to be used out there.

I’d like to say the sunroom is finished…. but it’s not. I have a couple of things left to do but I am proud to report (thanks to my father) the door has been replaced!! No more holes, no more water coming in during storms, and no more bought air flying out of my house. 😀 (saw horses for kitchen project and bag of painters tape for project this weekend pictured).


So what’s next? Stripping the floor, painting the concrete, and finding furniture for it. Floor stripping is this weekend. I’m hoping to paint it next weekend and I’m looking at auctions for furniture or my father makes patio furniture so maybe there’s that option. But to start with the FIXING UP part we begin with a big bottle of….11159983_10101737156461903_2554168933491716296_n

See you next week everybody!! And remember to keep cleaning a 4X4 space at a time. 🙂 bye- bye for now!