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So many things have been going on, I apologize for my inability to get these out in a timely fashion. Any mommy knows that raising two kids makes free times few and far between. Liam is now four months old and will be starting solids (rice cereal) this week. He is growing like a weed and has his four month old check up next week. I’m guessing his weight will be somewhere around 15 lbs. My older son, Rayne, is really enjoying the spring going into summer time. I think we’ve spent more time outside playing in the drive way than inside the house the past two weeks. He’s really blossoming into his own little person, it’s fun to watch him grow.

In house news not a lot of actual things being done this past two weeks. My dad came over and we planted some hostas, which look beautiful. And, he painted my front door red. I don’t know why but it’s kind of the thing around here, either way I like it a lot. It needs a few more coats but it’s looking really cool and all of my friends and family have commented on how cool it looks from the road. I also got a new and gigantic couch for my living room. It really looks nice. In the picture it doesn’t look big because it is curved so it seems smaller but sitting on it, it’s huge.


These pictures are of my dad clearing out the turf paper and stuff around the tree where we put the Hostas


These are the Hostas in place and the front door.

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In my last blog I noted that I’d called Empire Carpet to come out and do an estimate on the house, you want to talk about rip off… phew. For two rooms and a hall way it was priced at $3,272.00 INSANE. So being as resourcful as ever I went down to Menards and for MAYBE $300 a room I can get all of them done and be way under the estimate. Anybody that doesn’t know, Menards sells “leftovers” aka the carpet that was cut for a room or house that they didn’t use or maybe they didn’t cut enough or whatever, at a discounted price. I’ve been talking with several people I know about laying floor and a big concern was the sunroom floor and what to do with it. I really didn’t want to spend all that time ripping up carpet just to put more down and people were saying that it was too cold out there in the winter time so if we laid linoleum down it would eventually curl up. Problem solved when a flooring guy suggested buying the piece of linoleum a little too big for the room and then nailing trim down over it to hold it in place. This made me super happy because I didn’t really think that painting it would look very good either. So that’s one of my up coming projects is to go room by room and do the floor.

My house is technically two stories but the upstairs is completely unfinished so right now we reside in a two bedroom 1 1/2 bathroom house. Flooring in the house isn’t going to be super bad price wise, except for the living room because it is 20×15 so we can’t buy “leftovers” for that room because Menards only goes up to 12X14 in left over size. My kitchen, dining room, and the 1/2 bathroom are all hardwood flooring, well my kitchen and the bathroom are, we haven’t laid the hardwood in the dining room (we get to that in a few more weeks after my parents get back from their trip). I have big plans and they’re hard to explain so stay tuned for the flooring in the house.

I decided I am going to try some of the itWorks stuff. I have a friend that sells the wraps and what not for a really good deal and she agreed to kind of be my go to person to keep me motivated. Honetly, my biggest issue is finding the time to actually make “healthy” things to eat during the day. Right now I do good just to remember to eat. I envy the women that get up, put make up on, and do their hair… I’m lucky if I put on normal pants at this point. Of course, that’s going to start to change now with Liam getting older. I recently groomed my parents dogs and came up with the money from doing that to get my hair done again, so I’m moving in the right direction. It definitely made me feel better about myself. Plus I got 5 inches wacked off so my head feels lighter and I don’t have to worry about 10 lbs of hair lol. All in all, as Liam gets into being more movement oriented (aka sitting up) I can get more done.

New Hair


Up next in my life is finishing any one room in the house. I’m thinking since the kitchen is like 95% done I’ll do that one. That way I have a DONE room. I have some huddles to overcome in the kitchen. I recently saw a funny little quote that said, “Cleaning house with kids home, is like shoveling snow while it is snowing.” My only response is, “You forgot to put husbands on that.” Justin is a full blown pain in the butt when it comes to anything in the kitchen. He’s gotten much better but we still have a ways to go with things. I have ideas for organizing things I just have to get there. Pictures of the kitchen to come as well as a whole blog about it. That’s all for now.

I leave you with some adorable pictures of my two boys and one of my favorite pictures of my husband before we got married.

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