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It has been a very busy couple of weeks for FeyWild Photography. I have been working very hard on different ideas and goals for the coming months. I am glad I started this process during the off-season for most photography because it has given me a chance to get my name out there to many places and get an idea of what kind of networking/advertising I need to do. I have decided to set goals for certain sets of time and see if I can reach them in a timely fashion. My goal is within five years to be working full time as a professional private photographer. However, for now, I am working on a six-month goal list.  The plan is to continuously raise the bar as the goals are checked off on my list. So here are my goals for the next six months.

1) I want to get a broad portfolio of different photography sessions. I am advertising as an “All Occasion” photographer, but my passions are Birth, Senior, and Wedding photography. I want to join the International Association of Birth Photographers and become well-known in the area as the go-to photographer if you are having a baby and want a photographer present. I have teamed up with my own Doctor and a midwifery business to achieve this particular goal. I am excited to say that in the next month I will be photographing two different births. I cannot wait to receive the phone calls to head to the hospital because babies are on the way. I have also been talking to wedding venues in the area and trying to get my name out there with brides. I have met with a florist in Plainfield (a friend for many years), “Flowered Occasions” and I have been speaking with the event halls in the area. I am hoping to start getting phone calls soon as we head into full wedding season. Lastly, with this particular goal, I want to get in touch with the local High school and try to get my card passed out to the Seniors in the area to do Senior High School pictures. I cherish my Senior pictures and I want to give that to other teenagers. My plan is to visit the high school in the next week to two weeks after I receive my new shipment of business cards with the correct phone number on them now that I have a cell phone again.

2) I want to be an affordable photographer for people that may not have the money to pay for fancy photography for their special occasion. I want to offer the ability to have a beautiful memory without breaking the bank. I do want to be able to pay the bills in the house and take care of my family, but I also want to give people something that they may not have had otherwise. I enjoy taking pictures and being behind the camera and I want to put the joy I feel behind the camera in the pictures that I take for people so they can have the same joy themselves. Currently, I am working on my price lists for all of my photography and it is coming along quite well. My largest wedding package is $1800.00 with a full day and my editing fee as well, my birth photography ranges from $300.00 to $500.00, and my Senior photography ranges from $150.00 to $300.00. I am very hopeful that I can book many sessions in the future.

3) I hope to be able to book a vendor booth at some point in the next six months at a Bridal Show here in Indiana. I want to give myself and the people looking for a photographer as many opportunities as possible to meet up. I hope to be able to do that this year, but this is a larger goal and I have heard it is kind of expensive. We will see if this is possible.


4) I really want to book a Birth session at “Sacred Roots”, the midwife place. I really want to see the difference between a hospital and birthing center birth. I had both of my children in a hospital and I know very little about birthing centers. I am very excited to work with them and hopefully get to take pictures there. It is a gorgeous facility. I can’t wait to return to give them my new business cards and take a tour of the whole facility. This would be a huge success to me to get to photograph a birth there.

5) Justin (husband) and I are working on offering some extra fun items for mothers in the area. He is very artistic and very professional so we are attempting to advertise that we offer Belly Casting/Molding and Belly Painting. Both of these come with mini photography sessions that are included in the price and I can’t wait to start offering this to mothers. I already have family members that are pregnant and my best friend (when she gets pregnant) that are signed up to have this done. It is going to such a fun project for Justin and me to do together. I wish I had thought to do it when I was pregnant with either of my boys.

Those are the goals for the next six months. Some a big and some are small but all of them I hope to achieve by June 2017 if it is possible.

I have to take a moment to thank my mother for teaching me how to be a people person. Walking up to people and attempting to sell a product can sometimes feel very awkward and nerve-wracking to some people and I am lucky to usually not be afflicted by that. I do get nervous and start talking too much sometimes but I am able to get my point across pretty well, normally. I appreciate all the confidence she instilled in me so that I can do what I want to do with my business. Tonight at Rayne’s karate class there was a three-month-old baby with his mother waiting for another student and I decided to walk over and see the baby. I started talking to him and he lit up with a huge smile and I even got a giggle out of him and his mother said, “Wow, you should be a photographer. You’re good at that.” to which I replied, “Actually, I am a photographer. I would love to take pictures of him. He is ADORABLE.” I didn’t have any business cards on me but I did give her my information on a piece of paper and told her to call me anytime. I feel like without my mothers’ guidance as a child and doing public speaking in 4H (which my mother signed me up for), I would have never been able to just walk up to a stranger and try to sell my product to her. It was an amazing feeling and I hope to hear from her soon.


No makeup- Don’t care. I love this picture of Mom and I

As I stated above I am beyond excited about the coming month because I have two births coming up that I am going to be photographing. The first is a first-time mom and so she will probably either deliver on her due date or a little after. The second mom, this is her fourth child so I told the doctor that is helping me to make sure she calls me as soon as she knows she is heading the hospital because I doubt that will be a long labor, but I could totally be wrong. Time will tell with that one. I have a lot of things that I am working on right now that are involved with birth photography. I am working on the price list, a modesty contract, and I am fixing some of the things on my questionnaire that my doctor helped me work on.

Well, that’s it for now. I have so many things running through my head I can’t wait to share them with all of you. Thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with me on this journey.