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What a whirlwind first two weeks in the month of February. You get a sense of trepidation when you don’t hear back from people when you start getting out there and networking. You start to feel insecurities about yourself creep up and suggest that there is/was no way in the world that you are going to make a brand… a business out of a wish and a dream. You feel like you are not progressing fast enough. But then… “it starts”.


I have so many things happening during this month that it is easy to get overwhelmed if I’m not on top of everything. I have been prepping for new clients, working on my brand, talking to Lawyers about my contracts that will be in place to keep me safe in a legal aspect, and I have been getting ready to network my booty off. On top of all of that, my entire household, minus my oldest, was very sick with a stomach bug last week and I have to regroup my household while doing all of these other obligations that I have set for myself. Aside from a dire need for some meditation and maybe a visit to my local Metaphysical store, “HeartSpace” for some mental revitalization, I could not be happier with how busy my life is right now.


I met with my first client today to go over her birth plan and what kind of story she wants to tell. I got a better sense of how to “interview” moms to be in the future from this experience. However, I would like to say how truly grateful and excited I am to have her has my first client, a true match made in heaven. I enjoyed every second of getting to know her and finding out what she wants. She, of course, asked me the most dreaded question during our talk but I appreciate her accepting me into her space on her birthing day. She asked, “How many births have you photographed?” I sat there completely at a loss for words for a second trying to decide how to answer that in a way that would not sell me short to this newly budding mommy. Thankfully, I feel she understood that we all have to start somewhere. More importantly, Dr. Lynch had my back and I am so thankful for her explaining what I am offering to moms before they even meet me. We went over my newly created (by me) Privacy and Model Release Contract and she seemed very at ease during the process. She is due on Friday, but this is her first baby so I predicted that she will have the baby on Monday. We shall see what happens. I feel honored to get to witness and capture her special day becoming a mother. She has opted for a natural labor and birth, something that I personally find incredible. I cannot wait to get the phone call or text that it is time to go. I need to finish getting my go bag and camera bag together either tonight or tomorrow.

I spent a lot of time doing research on my legal contract and model release form to make sure that I am smart about all of this. Though I hope to never have a legal issue, I want to make sure that I don’t leave that to chance. I want to make sure that my brand, my products, and my clients are protected properly. I have contacted two different attorneys to have them look over the contract and see if there is something that I have missed or something that I need to add. Why two? While I have hired a lawyer to help me through family law (divorce from my first husband), I know nothing about business law. I want to make sure that neither misses anything and also I want to shop smart and have someone that does awesome work, at the price that I can afford right now. I left my contract with one today and he will be getting back to me either Friday or Monday of next week. He stated that he has done this before and will make sure that I am good to go. I am meeting with the second one tomorrow morning to look it over together and see what her ideas are. This is very important to me because it is something that I am doing for myself. It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to start a home business” and that’s that. It’s another thing to mean it and follow the right protocols and get things in order to keep everyone happy. I am dealing with sensitive material in this passion I have. Women are trusting me to not only be in their birthing space when they are doing one of the hardest things they will ever do in life, but they are also trusting that I will hold their most intimate self- their body and private self- in the highest regard. They are placing their trust in me, and I want them to feel protected and safe when they do. On the flip side, I will also be there if, and Heaven forbid it does happen, something bad were to happen physically or mentally to a mother and/or her child. In that, I feel that I must also protect myself and what I am offering to others. I have made it clear in my contract that I am not a Doctor or in the Medical field, there is nothing I can do for her, even if I wanted to. Something as silly as getting her water or ice chips, I cannot do. I can ask someone to get them for her, but I personally cannot do it. I know that the way I am writing it sounds scary, but I promise when I explained it to Mommy #1 today she completely understood and we were 100% on the same page about it. I cannot wait to go over it with the attorney tomorrow and see how well I did drafting my own legal document.

There was a serious yuck fest that ran rampant through the family. It started with a family friend and jumped from family member to family member until finally ending with me. It was awful and I am glad that we are all over it. Sickness in general is really inconvenient but this was a whole other level because having anything contagious removes my ability to do my job because I can’t be around mommies and newborns. I almost made it without getting sick, but in the end, I found my way to yuckville. The house has now been disinfected and the family has been showered and scrubbed profusely. I plan on putting a giant bottle of hand sanitizer in my go bag and also taking boat loads of immune boosting vitamins. I really will not be to afford to get sick later in this business endeavor. I am glad that Rayne was able to escape the stomach bug that roamed the house but spending time with his grandparents. He skipped out right before his brother got sick and stayed gone until everyone was better and the house was clean. Wish I could have done that, but mommy was needed and I would never leave my little bits to be sick without me. I’ll save them from it by sending them to Grandma’s house if it’s just me though.

Rayne has a lot of school work to catch up on but it won’t take that long. And both kids had a dentist appointment today and have beautiful teeth. I am very happy about that. Yay for pretty teeth.