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The last time I carried a “Daily Agenda” around everywhere I went, I was in High School. I have not been this busy in years and I am absolutely loving it. I have so many meetings and things that are in the works that it can get a little overwhelming- thank god for my cell phone and agenda. I am learning just how well I can stay focused and organized. Rayne, my oldest, has Karate three days a week and will be starting a fourth private Karate lesson in the Spring. He is also Homeschooled which means throughout the day we have a lot of work to do with his online school. Liam, the baby, is learning how to talk more and more and he’s a lot of fun to try to have a conversation with. Looking at my day-to-day activities I am sometimes surprised that I can get everything done in a day. The photography business is taking off. In my previous blog, I brought you into the birthing suite and showed everyone what I do when I am part of your birth environment. I plan on continuing that passion with more birth sessions this month and in the coming months. I am also looking into Wedding photography through vending with “Perfect Wedding Guide” in Indiana and on a wedsite called Wedding.com. I am a walking “mombie” but I’m making it work and I enjoy pushing myself to be a better person, wife, and mother.

I truly didn’t know how much I could cram into a day until I started Homeschooling Rayne while starting FeyWild. I have since learned that I can run on very little sleep and function well with the help of coffee. I really enjoy flipping through the pages of my agenda and seeing all the things that I have to do in a day and/or week. Through my business, I have gained a valuable networking path and joined a planning committee that puts me in touch all the professionals in the area that working in the birthing/baby community. I also have several meetings with business lawyers to help me with the more legal aspect of my work so I have been meeting with them once a week for a while. Rayne has between four and five classes a day throughout the week and through all of the business work, I still help him get his school work done. I am so glad to have my husband around to help with that as well. He really enjoys helping Rayne do his work and doing the Art and P.E. classes

On top of the business meetings and working with potential clients or network groups, Rayne is homeschooled and in Karate. He is a straight A student and is way ahead of where he was in public school. He had a test recently that was supposed to take at minimum 30 minutes according to the instructions. There were 30 questions on the test and not only did Rayne finish it in less than 15 minutes, he also got 30/30 correct. When we were all sick he fell pretty far behind in classes and it was a lot of work to catch up. He is now finished catching up and is completely on track in all his classes. When Rayne is not doing school work or spending time with the family, he is an avid Karate student. He currently has three classes a week and in the Spring he will be adding a fourth class for Private Lessons with one of the owners. He is very excited to be moving up through his belt colors. I am so proud of Rayne. I love going and watching him practice his Katas. His father and I are beyond proud of his accomplishments in both school and Karate. I also love how wonderfully sweet Rayne is to everyone that meets him. He’s a very loving and friendly child that everyone enjoys spending time with. I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future has in store for my sweet Rayney. He is very hopeful to get straight A’s on his final report card and get to his birthday because I told him he would be getting a Hedgehog for his birthday. The reason is because Rayne likes to have spiky hair and when it is long it is very curly so his little nickname is “Hedgehog”.  It will be cute to see his face when he gets to pick out his Hedgehog.

Liam, our baby, turned two in January and in the past few weeks he has really come alive as his own person. He’s really trying to communicate his wants and needs more. We are really working on his impulses, he likes to hit when he’s excited. He has a hard time sharing mommy with his brother. However, he and his brother on the floor are fabulous friends and loving brothers. My little blue eyed baby is ready for the warmer weather to go outside and play. His brother and mommy are ready as well. One of the cutest things that Liam does is when Rayne is doing his Katas at home, Liam does them with him. It’s adorable to hear them doing their Kiais together. When Liam turns 3 he will be able to join the Dojo as a Mini Dragon (his brother is a Dragon Flame- two levels higher than Mini’s). It will be adorable to see him already know Kata I when he starts. I am very proud of my littlest boy for learning to talk and being who he is. Next step is to start potty training… phew oh boy I remember that with his brother. We will see how that goes.

I am pleased to say I was able to get, at least a start-up website going. I am very excited to see the results when people start filtering onto it over time. Please check it out and I would love to hear feedback on it from all of you. Thank you in advance.


I have been on the phone nonstop with so many different opportunities. People that work in “Perfect Wedding Guide” a vendor show here in the area for couples looking for everything they need for their wedding. I am looking into Wedding.com to get in contact with brides in the area as well. I am hoping to sign up for International Association of Professional Birth Photographers to network with mothers looking for a birth photographer. I have been working with two business lawyers to have the best contracts and Model Release forms. It is awesome to be this busy all the time.

My phone was buzzing today with another call from the Doctor that I am working with in the area for birth photography and she was letting me know that I have at least one more mother that is interested in Birth photography this month. I am looking forward to hearing from her soon (especially since she is due on Sunday the 19th). I also have an incredible opportunity with a Doula. Together we have teamed up to give three moms in the area an AMAZING birthing experience. If you want more information on that please contact me on my website or facebook page. Trust me, this is something that you don’t want to miss out on.

This is the busiest I’ve been in my life since I first graduated High School and I was working three jobs and a full-time college student. I LOVE being busy and working like this. I cannot wait to continue forward with this work. My children, my husband, and my business are the most important things in my life right now. I appreciate all of you following me through this journey.

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