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I’m going to start off with an apology for being absent for a while. I have been dealing with sickness and children vacations. Now that everything is back to normal it’s time to get into the joys of the season. It is SPRING time!! It’s time for pictures. I am definitely looking forward to booking some Senior shoots and getting some great photos. I recently set up some networking with the local High School in my area and I am hoping to give my business card to some other High Schools not far from here. I love doing senior photography, aside from birth sessions they are probably the best.

I’m excited to get to use my zoo pass to get into the gardens and take pictures and I plan on going out sometime in the next two weeks and really scouting out some great areas for pictures. I hope to have several really good areas to help people find what they are looking for when they come for sessions.

I recently had the pleasure of taking birthday pictures of a little girl (family friend) at the zoo and they turned out very lovely. The colors and the vibrancy for the day just made it the perfect session. Lyric, the little girl, had quite the afternoon and had a great smile. She definitely had a great time being the center of attention for the day.

I hope that after my disappearing act you will return and join me on this journey through the summer as I, hopefully, get more and more sessions under my belt and continue to build my portfolio. I know this was a short blog but I am heading out the door. I hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather and the beautiful Spring Time flowers.

I wanted to share just a few more cute pictures from the session. Her birthday theme is Little Mermaid so we did a couple Prince Eric and Ariel pictures as well with my son Raynier.